Quickly Bringing Parties Together Through Online Mediation

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Mediation


Why E-Mediation?

E-mediation is convenient and cost-effective. Since you aren't meeting with the other party face-to-face, you're saving yourself commuting time and saving yourself the cost of renting out a mediation office (which most mediators build into their hourly prices).  

Is E-Mediation Effective?

E-mediation is just as effective as in-person mediations. In both the physical and online environments, parties are given the chance to talk to each other, exchange documents, and see one another. The mediator is able to employ the same negotiation techniques she would employ in a physical environment.

What Kinds of Cases Can Be Handled?

E-Mediation Services offers online mediations with a live mediator for all kinds of civil disputes, including:


Contract law disputes

Business disputes

Collections cases 

Real estate disputes

Homeowners Association (“HOA”) disputes

Construction disputes

Property law disputes

Trusts & estates disputes

Disability law disputes

Discrimination disputes 

Employment law disputes 

Education law disputes

Cyber/Internet disputes

Defamation/Slander disputes

Intellectual property disputes, such as:

Copyright disputes

Trademark disputes

Trade secret disputes

Entertainment law disputes, such as: 

Music law disputes

Film/TV law disputes 

Sports law disputes 

Art law disputes

Please note that E-Mediation Services does not offer mediations for divorces or child custody disputes.

How Much Does E-Mediation Cost?

E-Mediation Services charges $200 per hour and has a 2-hour minimum for all mediations.

Unless otherwise noted, parties are expected to split the mediation fees evenly. 

Payment can be made online, via PayPal or most major credit cards.


Are There Any Restrictions?

In order to ensure the confidential nature of mediation is preserved, everybody participating in the mediation must do so from a quiet, secure environment. Non-disputants are not allowed to be in the room when a party is participating in mediation.

Similarly, no mediation participants are allowed to record the mediation.

And, to successfully conduct the e-mediation, each party needs to have an internet connection and webcam.